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Personal Phone Numbers

Personal Phone Numbers allow you to have a telephone number that you can forward to one or more existing phone numbers anytime, anywhere. You can even set a sophisticated scheduling for this.

For example, a business in Europe can have a U.S. number that customers in North America can dial, but which forwards automatically to your European office at cheap rates. You can have a separate number for your home-based business to make it appear more professional. You can have separate numbers for family members to provide a feeling of independence and a way to keep in contact.

Personal Phone Numbers are easy to buy and configure. You simply tell the system where to forward your calls for your personal phone numbers. There is no limit to the number of personal phone numbers you can configure.

Call forwarding allows your calls to be routed to any landline, mobile phone, IAX, or SIP phone depending on the time of day or day of the week. You may provide several alternatives to try if your primary phone is busy or you are not reachable. This is called a "follow me" service and is included with your Diamondcard account at no additional charge.

You can define the time frame and which phone numbers to find you at. You are not allowed to have times overlap. Switch from one number to the next number happens when the phone is not available or when the timeout is over. You set the timout in seconds for each phone number attempt.

For examples, you may set up something like the following. 
For all working days from 8:00 till 18:00.
1. Your IP phone. 2. Your office number with timeout 30 sec. 
3. Your cell phone number. 4. Voice mail. 

In this example when somebody is calling your personal number, it will first call your IP phone. If no answer or if you are offline the system will route to your office phone. If nobody answers your office phone during the 30 seconds timeout, the system will then try to reach you on your cell phone. If you are out of range or do not answer your cell phone the call will then route to your voice mail.

Phone numbers are specified in international format (e.g. 49115234567). Do not enter an international dialing prefix like 001 or 011. SIP phone numbers are specified as SIP/user@domain.com:port. IAX phone numbers are specified as IAX2/user:pass@domain.com/number.