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Voice mail service.

We provide integrated voice mail service at no additional charge. As long as you have an active account with a positive credit balance you can have voice mail service.

Voice mail service is available for a local or personal phone number. A local phone number is an internal phone number within our network. When someone calls your local number or a real personal number you can forward these calls to your voice mail box.

You can have one or more voice mail boxes in your account. To configure your "personal numbers" for voice mail go to the "personal numbers" page in your admin center.

Accessing voice mail using an access number.

You may access your voice mail boxes through our various country access numbers:

1. Dial access number.
2. Enter your PIN number if required. 
3. System will inform you if you have any new messages.
4. Dial 80 to enter your voice mail box or enter number in international format
to make regular call.

Accessing voice mail using an IP phone.

For accessing your voice mail boxes using SIP or IAX based phones dial 80. Some models of IP phones support a notification of voice mail messages. Usually, only registration of your device in our VOIP network is required to enable this feature.