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Frequently Asked Questions
· How can I buy your services and accessories?
· How does your service work?
· How do I administer my Diamond account?
· How do I contact customer support?
Calling Cards
· What are Diamondcards?
· Where do I get a Diamondcard?
· Why should I use a Diamondcard?
· How do I use a Diamondcard?
· Are Diamondcards Virtual Or Physical?
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After I signup for the service online, how long will it take for my account to get activated?
Your account will be activated instantly if you paid by one of the virtual gold backed currencies we support. If you paid by credit card your payment and account will be verified first. Then your account will be activated. Your pin number will be displayed on the thank you page and instructions will be emailed to your email address you used to sign up with. If you entered an incorrect email address you will not receive your email confirmation with instructions and will have to contact support@diamondcard.us.

If I make a call and no one answers will I have to pay any charges?
No. As long as the call isn't answered you will not have to pay any money from your account. If you dial a wrong number, or the call is answered by an answering machine or picked up by voice mail you will be charged for the connection time.

Why should I use your Diamond communication service when I could use a calling card from a local telecom company?
There are a few reasons you are better served with the Diamond service. Our rates are much better. Our service is much better. A calling card from a telecom company will cost you at least 2-10 times more money. Their customer service will be virtually nonexistent. I'm sure you have personal experience with this.

Our customer service as well as our cutting edge services are light years ahead of the telecom companies. You might ask yourself why this is so. The reason is WE MUST make money to survive. The best way to make money is to provide a valuable service at good pricing.

Q & A
How can I buy your services and accessories?

You can sign up for our services directly on our web site. Securely pay using your credit card or bank wire. We also accept e-gold and goldmoney payments which are virtual gold backed currencies. Visit our shopping system to order any of our many accessories we offer that work in conjunction with our service.

How does your service work?

The Diamond Communication Service provides local access numbers in many countries. Your Diamond account allows you to use any one of these access numbers to make calls anywhere in the world. You can also use a softphone to make calls too. A softphone allows you to make calls directly from your laptop or computer using a headset and a microphone. By utilizing the latest technology we offer you cutting edge services and fantastic call rates to your favorite destinations. Add to this the best distributor compensation plan you ever saw.

How do I administer my Diamond account?

You can login to your account by clicking the LOGIN button located on the top navigation bar at the home page of the Diamond web site. All your account settings, call history, billing history and everything else is available 24/7, 365 days/year.

How do I contact customer support?

Our contact page provides our email and telephone contacts.

What are Diamondcard calling cards?

Diamondcard calling cards are sold locally within areas where we offer local access numbers. This credit card size pre-paid calling card makes it possible for you to make international calls when you are on the go. Just dial our local access number from wherever you are and save, save, save! You can decrease your telephone bill by over 90%! There are no connection or access fees. Diamondcards are released in various denominations in the currency of the country the cards are sold in.

Where do I get a Diamondcard?

A Diamondcard can be purchased in our online shopping system under the category of "calling cards". You can choose how much money you want to deposit on your card. The more money you put down the more minutes you can use. When you run out of money or run your balance low you can recharge at any time through your administration center. Buying a Diamondcard through the online shopping system gets you a virtual card and not a physical card. Your PIN and instructions will be in the confirmation email you receive after you complete the online purchase.

Alternatively, you can email us and ask to purchase physical Diamondcards for resale to end users. In this case, as a Diamondcard.us distributor you can buy prepaid cards wholesale from us and sell retail to your customers profiting on the difference.

The third way of buying Diamondcards is to print the prepaid cards yourself using your own design. In this case you order as many Diamondcards as you need. Lets say you want 10,000 Diamondcards. We will create a data file with 10,000 pin and serial numbers. You take this file to your local printer and print up the cards yourself using your own design OR a Diamondcard design. These prepaid cards can have our access numbers on them for your end users to use OR if you have your own equipment we can connect it to our network and allow your users to use your local access number and local equipment with termination provided by the Diamondcard service. For more information on this contact salesATdiamondcard.us. Remove the AT and replace with the @ sign when you email us.

Why should I use a Diamondcard?

There are many reasons why you should use a Diamondcard. Here are a few:

  • They are much cheaper than long distance providers.
  • They are much cheaper than your local phone company.
  • They are much cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls
  • They are easy to carry with you so you can make calls from any location.
  • You can save big money when you are staying in a hotel. Hotels charge a fortune when you make international phone calls.
  • There are no monthly bills and no detailed statements. You buy your Diamondcard and start saving money immediately.

How do I use a Diamondcard?

Each Diamondcard has a local access number printed on the back.
There is a pin number on the back as well. Dial the access number, enter your pin number, click the # key and then you'll be prompted to enter the phone number you want to dial. Click the # key once again and your call will be connected.

Are Diamondcards virtual or physical?

They are both. Physical Diamondcards are sold in countries where we have a local dial up number. Diamondcards are sold through distributors. Virtual Diamondcards are sold through this web site. Go to the shopping system to buy your virtual Diamondcard. You will be given an access number and PIN number during the signup process. Just carry this information with you when you are on the go and make calls anytime you want.